The ministry of church ushers plays a vital role in the hospitality and welcome ministry of the local church. Together with church greeters, they help the church members and visitors to experience a wonderful worship service. Church ushers are a significant part of the church hospitality system as they fulfill specific duties to accomplish that role. With over 50 members at the International headquarter and a minimum of 10 members at the parish level, the Ushering unit of CMCM Worldwide is a body of tremendous force that set the tone for the day’s worship and helping to prepare the people to hear and respond to the Word of God. They individually have a close relationship with God and seek to be anointed as the first contacts of the people. Because of the peculiarity of the CMCM Prophetic ministry, the Ushering unit under the leadership of Prince Dele Sobo, an experienced and well-exposed individual is well-groomed, well-cultured and spirit-filled. They have and pursue one purpose, one theme and one objective which is to help the congregant to align their body, soul, and spirit to the God of CMCM, in order to tap and receive from the ocean of God’s revelation through the set man on the commission. They possess a team spirit and always willing to work together in love, as they provide comfort, safe and healthy environment for the worship service as well as covering up one for another when the need arises. They are a very encouraging and supportive team to this body of Christ.


The Champion of Fire Bible Institute (CFBI) is an arm of Christ Miracle Church Mission. It is the growth and second phase of the church’s structure for grooming and nurturing saved soul for the kingdom according to Ephesians 4:11-13, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God. Established by the set man, Prophet Peter Abiola Adebisi in year 2010 with Pastor Israel Ayodeji Aremo as the pioneer Provost, CFBI is currently under the supervision of Pastor Akindele Omotoso as the Registrar. The Institute has produced several parish genuine pastors including the November 10th, 2019, graduating set of over 100 graduates.

It runs a three-staged program, the BASIC, LEADERSHIP AND DIPLOMA Courses where students are drilled in the word of God to be melted and molded in order to be used by God.


Discipleship which main purpose is to be like Christ might best be described as training or mentoring program designed to develop individuals to become more like their Savior. When Christ became man and lived on earth, he endured all of the same trials, pains, and persecutions that man suffers in order to prove himself as a perfect example for us, 1Peter 2:21. Therefore, one of the primary purposes of Christian discipleship is to emulate the character of Christ. The core CMCM agenda is to build heavenly minded souls to embrace the call to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth as a call back to the heart of God and His original design for people. This is the primary purpose of the Discipleship Unit of the church to guide new converts to learn about the Father as Christ did in His three-year public ministry on earth. The goal is to teach the people of God about the Father even as Christ wanted us to know that God is alive, real, sovereign, loving, and is preparing a place for believers in heaven. It is the optimum objective of Prophet Peter Abiola Adebisi to see that souls are regenerated and subsequently grow in the knowledge of God, Philippians 1:9. Therefore, the wonderful team led by Pastor Omotayo Balogun and Mrs. Victoria Bankole are leaving no stone unturned as they spiritually nurture young souls in the Lord through the WORD, Baptism and maturity so that they will also bear fruit for the kingdom. This is a vital and compulsory unit where everyone bonafide member of the commission must pass through.


Going by its name, the Publication unit is a ‘WORK GROUP’ in CMCM that is purely a professional units because of it peculiarity. Not deviating from its secular function, it is saddled with the responsibility of publishing quality press materials of the Commission for the propagation of the gospel. The word of God in Psalm 68:11 says “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it”. This group of professional has not played down on this command as they publicize the word of God through His mouth-piece, Prophet Peter Abiola Adebisi. Therefore, for all the literatures and ‘press materials’ of the church, the Bulletin, Devotionals, Calendars, stickers and all published Prophet’s books of knowledge, visit the Publication’s or call Leaticia on 09029976686.


The unique role of the glorious choir cannot be overemphasized because of its great role in bringing down the Shekinnah glory of God in worship and praises in all the services of this great commission. Prophet Peter Abiola Adebisi being a lover of quality worships and praises unto his God rides on the wings of praises and adoration unto God as an appreciative child of God. Coming with the commission over thirty-years now, the glorious choir of the international Headquarters in Akiode, commenced as soon as Prophet Peter Abiola Adebisi relocated from Akure to Lagos in 1996. Started with a group of song lovers like, Brother Matthew, sisters Taiwo and Kehinde Oni, currently a pastor, (Mrs. Ruth Oke) and Sister Shayo Bello, who has over the years metamorphosized from a song-lover to the Choir mistress of this glorious unit. Truly, the unit had witnessed many phases but has remained strong, refined and unrelenting. With the sporadic spreading of the commission, the glorious choir has birth as many arms as there are the parishes of CMCM, across the continents. However, with the likes of Pastor Nicholas Ajila, Barrister Seun Odeyemi, Brother Oluwatoyin Smith and Sister Shayo Bello at the hem of affairs, the Glorious Choir is unstoppable until we all join with the Host of heaven to sing Holy, Holy, Holy to the Lord.


Known for its visual impacts and testimonial recalls, the CMCM Media Unit plays the distinguished role of projecting the visual image of the Commission to the viewing public. With its glorious birth of the CFTV, this unit started with zealous souls that were not trained professional but willing to ensure that the beauty and great work of God wrought by the prophet of the end-time, Prophet Peter Abiola Adebisi is beautifully packaged and documented to project to the world that God is real, alive and active still. Formally led by the Yemi Kadiri’s team, the CMCM Media meets the standard of the best practices the world over as the team cannot stop at nothing but the best. It is the pride of the commission with over 100 members (professionals and semi-professionals alike) across CMCM Parishes. It has one of the best structures amongst other units for it is a ‘no-nonsense ground’. The members blend professionalism with spirituality with the mind-set of helping the set-man to achieve his mandate of 168 countries of the world and this, the unit tends to achieve through quality projection of the commission’s services and activities.


Started as CMTV on a Terrestrial platform in 2008 and transformed into CFTV in year 2010, the CFTV, is a Satellite television station of the Commission that relays the production of the Media unit and beams the church to the world according to world best practices and standard. It is a digital-based station that builds a society of champions that thrive on godly values, cultural dogmas and acceptable religious norms of the Christian faith, Christ based doctrines and general Philosophies of life. With operations as a full time broadcast and multimedia arm of the Church, the principal objective of CFTV is to disseminate the truly gospel and to ensure that the good news of Christ is spread to mankind in order to convince the unbelieving world of the capability of God. It is a 24hours digital station with the REACH of the entire global as boosted by the social media.

Within this short period, the CFTV have recorded tremendous success as wonderful testimonies abound of viewers who physically and spiritually connected to the divine unction of Prophet Peter Abiola Adebisi. It prides in quality soul-lifting ‘Contents’ that ensure the knowledge and power of the Lord Jesus.