BASIC TEXT: 2 Corinthians 3:5

KEY VERSE: Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of God; 2 Corinthians 3:5


After 400 years of slavery, God handed the Israelites the opportunity to a lush plentiful land that they could finally call home. Before then, everything they owned had been provided for by their captors “The Egyptians”. But slavery had crushed their will and destroyed their initiatives. Consequently, God had to break them of their reliance on people rather than on Him.

When you depend so much on people, it can make you vulnerable and stunt your growth. So, when God led the Israelites into the wilderness and the leeks and onions they enjoyed were gone, they were forced to develop an appetite for manna; something only God can provide. Understand this, when God takes away an old source or system and gives you a new one, it does not mean the old one was not good; it means His new way of guiding and providing for you.

When God makes a promise to you, He always keeps it, but you have to be willing to remove the wheels of your reliance on people. In the wilderness, the Israelites gripped and belly-ached for the comfort of familiar things they enjoyed in Egypt, even though it meant going back to an old season that was over. But they could not and you cannot either.

When God says increase and possesses the land, His plan is for you to increase beyond surviving to thrive. It meant being weaned off from the breast milk of dependence on others to the meat of God’s dependence. Paul writes “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves but our sufficiency is from God”. When God pushes you out of the comfort zone, en-route to your destiny, expect to go through some unfamiliar anxiety-producing territory. It is the only way to go from surviving to thriving. You need to leave your comfort zone to thrive.


1. Lord, thank You for Your word of edification today
2. Father Lord, give me the strength to do the unusual in order to enter into multiplication
3. Father Lord, push me into abundance
4. Any power that makes me depend solely on people my living, break now /3x

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